So Joe Davisson started extending Java Grinder to support the W65C816 as a CPU for with target platforms of first the W65C256SXB dev board, then Apple IIgs, and hopefully soon also Super Nintendo. I helped him out by writing some code using Google Go to create bootable Apple II disk images. The source code for Java Grinder, the demo below, and the Apple II disk image creator is all available on github.

Since Joe had already extended Java Grinder to create a Java demo on the Commodore 64 he already had a pretty good head start with the W65C816 (considering the W65C816 is a 6502 with 16 bit extensions). I have to give him a lot of credit though on this one, the instruction set on that chip did not look like a lot of fun to work with. Especially when comparing to the Motorola 68000 chip. +1 to Joe.


Below is the demo compiled out of the samples/apple_iigs directory. The demo was written in Java and compiled using javac against a jar file filled with empty methods for all the API calls. The .class files that are generated are then run through Java Grinder which transforms the Java byte-code into a single native W65C816 source file which is then assembled with naken_asm. Post:Mandelbrot test I did on my shiny new W65C265SXB dev board:


The code is on Github if you want to have a look at it… … me-Of-life