The Western Design Center, Inc. desires to inspire elementary, middle, and high school age student learners to consider engineering through starting and/or participating in Xxcelr8r Clubs on the path to become engineers. Furthermore, we want to connect these early learners with Interdisciplinary College of Engineering Senior Capstone Project engineering students. The projects will be known as “Ambient Embedded Intelligence for Assisted Living Interdisciplinary Senior Capstone Projects”.


Project concepts to be considered will include simulation and prototyping for market research of sensors, displays, actuators, and communications that could be used for assisted living features connected to and controlled by a WDC’s Standard chip Xxcelr8r Board (SXB) and further prototyped with an Altera DECA Programmable Xxcelr8r Board (PXB) that can be configured with Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL) and is connected to a smartphone, tablet, and/or PC. The prototype should be considered for a 3-D printed enclosure.


For commercial success, after rapid prototyping is completed, it will be possible to convert the programmable logic version to an ASIC version for performance improvement, size, power, and cost reduction through established ASIC design and foundry, and PCB design and manufacturing partners.


The assisted living features will be tested for usefulness in an assisted living environment which could be at a local hospital, care center, or St. Joseph’s Teaching Hospital in Phoenix.


WDC desires to engage future engineers of every engineering discipline in the concepts of “ambient embedded intelligence”. That said, a market study will determine the most engaging combination of SXB, sensors, displays, actuators, and communications with smartphones, tablets, and PCs. A combination will be determined for and presented to elementary school students who in turn may want to start or participate in an Elementary Xxcelr8r Club. Likewise, a combination will be determined for middle school students that want to start or participate in an Intermediate Xxcelr8r Club. Finally, features will be selected for high school Advanced Xxcelr8r Club students. Capstone engineering students will engage with elementary, middle, and high school students who have or may have interests, as stated before, in engineering, ages 8-18, grades 3rd – 12th.


Attractiveness is associated with engagement and understanding of “embedded intelligence”, naturally contained everything in nature and now in smart man made technology such as automobiles, buildings, defense systems, education systems, medical systems, homes, appliances, smartphones, PCs, tablets, Internet, and Xxcelr8r boards. This project is intended to Xxcelr8 understanding of advanced embedded intelligence technology (EIT) concepts before going on to a career in engineering, the practical application of sciences, technologies, mathematics, and language arts.


Progression of the project:

UofA Preliminary Design Review PDF

UofA Critical Design Review PDF