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2016 University of Arizona X-Team


(Top Left)  Erik Traulsen: I grew up in Seattle, WA and have always enjoyed solving problems, which is why I decided to major in engineering. I went to the University of Portland for a year before deciding to transfer to the University of Arizona. When I got to Arizona I decided to change my prospective major from mechanical engineering to engineering management with an emphasis in systems engineering. The reason behind this is that I wanted to gain a broader education that encompassed quality engineering, reliability engineering, civil engineering, electrical and computer engineering, as well as aspects of what it takes to operate a business. This project has helped me a lot because there are so many different engineering aspects involved.

(Top Middle) Luis Hernandez: I am majoring in electrical and computer engineering. As a computer engineer, I study both the hardware and software of a system, but I enjoy working with software more. A few of my interests are software development, mobile development, and artificial intelligence. My two most important goals are to be an expert in a few programming languages and to work for a big software development company after graduation. The Ambient Embedded Intelligence for Assisted Living project has mainly helped me with waterfall development and improving my skills in Android development, Java, and XML.

(Top Right) Kendall Anne Carpenter: I am originally from Huntington Beach, CA and grew up in Gilbert, AZ. I will graduate in May with an honors degree in biomedical engineering from the University of Arizona. I chose to focus on biomaterials in my studies, but I perform research in biomechanics related to sports performance in the Human Movement Biomechanics Lab. I plan to go into industry with hopes of eventually working with prosthetic limbs. This project has allowed me to explore the realm of biosensors and electrical engineering. Additionally, developing a lesson plan for younger students about our device has given me insight I can utilize in my position as chair elect of the Outreach and Empowerment Committee of the Women in Engineering Programming Board.

(Bottom Left) Beth Ann Langdon: I am a double major in mechanical and biomedical engineering. I started college as a biomedical major because I wanted to work in the medical industry, but I became fascinated with how mechanical systems work as I took more classes. After an internship at the Human Engineering Laboratory in Pittsburgh where I researched the capabilities of assistive robotic arms, I decided I wish to work in the field of assistive technology designing devices that aid people with disabilities. This goal is why I chose to work on the Ambient Embedded Intelligence for Assisted Living project. Working with Western Design Center on this project has greatly benefited me because I have had the opportunity to gain experience outside of my engineering disciplines. My activities at U of A range from organizing outreach events for the engineering honor society Tau Beta Pi to leading weekly discussions at the St. Thomas More Catholic Newman Center.

(Bottom Middle) Melissa T. Lee: I am a senior in biomedical engineering with a minor in math and will be graduating this May. I chose this field of study because I have always wanted to be an engineer. Throughout junior high and high school, I participated in science and engineering programs that showed me how to think outside of the box. I chose biomedical engineering because I was interested in health and medicine but did not want to be a doctor. During my free time, I binge watch television shows. I am also very interested in sewing and crafting and love taking my dog to the dog park. I am a major foodie and love to take pictures of everything that I eat. I would like a job in research and development in the near future. I have been fortunate to work with the Western Design Center, Inc. and my wonderful teammates. So far, this project has taught me how to speak more confidently during presentations. I have also learned more electrical engineering terms and will get to learn the basics of Assembly Language.

(Bottom Right) Reine Mager: I am studying biomedical engineering on the biomaterials track with a minor in Spanish. I am from Michigan and love skiing, hiking, and reading. I chose to study biomedical engineering because it allows me to study a broad range of sciences such as biology, physiology, physics, and chemistry. Working on the Ambient Embedded Intelligence for Assisted Living project has given me the opportunity to learn about programming, biosensors, and the engineering design process.





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